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Sleek App Development Agency was born out of a desire to deliver high quality web and mobile apps for clients who want to provide real value to customers. We pride ourselves in the work we’ve done so far in helping businesses get online.

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The Sleek App Process

Efficiency is found in repeated systems. At Sleek App, we make something as complicated as developing an app a series of processes. Here is how we will handle business.

flowchart TD
    A[Strategy Call] --> B{Design Needed?}
    B -->|Yes| D[Design Call]
    D --> E[Design Iterations]
    E --> B
    B -->|No| F[Project Plan with Sprints Planned] --> G[Agile Development] --> H{Satisfied?}
    H -->|No| I[Agile Sprint] --> H
    H -->|Yes| J[Final Delivery] 
    J --> K[Continued Support]
    A -->C[Landing Page with Email Funnel]

Danny Lim, President of Sleek App Development Agency

“There is nothing more fulfilling than watching clients’ visions become a reality”

— Danny Lim, President

World-Class Tech Stack

At Sleek App, we pride ourselves on being both specialists and adaptable when it comes to technology. Understanding that each project has its unique requirements and challenges, our team is adept at tailoring our approach to match the exact needs of each client. While we can venture into diverse technologies, we have a core tech stack in which we specialize, ensuring world-class quality with it.

React, a frontend library developed by Meta React (RN)GraphQL, a query templating language used to send and receive specific queries, developed by Meta GraphQL Typescript
Node.js, a server-side Javascript framework used to create web services or REST APIs Node.jsMongoDB, a non-relational database management systemPostgreSQL, a relational database management system PostgreSQL
AWS S3, a container framework developed by Amazon Web Services AWS S3AWS EC2, a server framework developed by Amazon Web Services AWS EC2AWS ECS, a deployment framework developed by Amazon Web Services AWS ECS

Depending on your project needs, we can adjust the technology stack accordingly. For example, some of our clients in the past have had their backends developed with Python and we found this to be a more suitable choice.

Agile Sprints

At the heart of modern software development is agile sprints. The best way to provide a product that the market wants is to test incrementally. Long gone are the days of developing software behind closed doors in hopes that it will convert well with the market. We take this to heart and like to work in 2-week agile sprints. Basically, that means we develop a set of features every 2 weeks, deploy, and see how customers react with live feedback.

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